Ex 26 Open the brackets, using the Passive Voice (perfect forms).1. He was sure that his mistake never (discover). 2. She didn't follow the advice she (give). 3. When she returned, the subject of the conversation already (change). 4. Everybody (send) an invitation? 5. I didn't know that the letter (lose). 6. He said he had never been there but he often (tell) about this place. 7. All the books from the library (return) by the end of term. 8. The invitation (refuse; accept)? 9. It always (know) as a most wonderful place for a holiday. 10. There are books that (not read) for years. 11. When we came to the cinema, all the seats (sell). 12. I never (speak) to like that before. 13. The house was dark and damp inside like any other building which (not live in). 14. When my parents were born, television (not invent) yet.​

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