Task 7.
Choose the right option.
A) Which of the several meanings does the underlined verb have?
He went on composing music till his eighties.
A- Continued
B- Attacked
C- Succeeded
D- Chose
B) Which of the several meanings does the underlined verb have?
She was so suspicious that she used to go through his pockets every night.
A- Use
B- Complain
C- Check
D- Remove
C) Which answer fits the following question?
When does your alarm clock usually go off?
A- A bit of a fight, I think.
B- From time to time.
C- From a doting aunt.
D- Seven thirty, normally.
Task 8.
Open the brackets and put the verbs into Past Simple or Past Perfect.
1. I ______________ (to know) that my friend _________________________ (not to come) yet.
2. When I _________________ (to wake up) yesterday, father already _____________ (to go) to work.
3. Tom _________________ (to think) that his father ___________________ (not to come) home yet.
4. Mary ____________________ (to tell) us that she __________________ (to cook) a good dinner.
5. Yesterday I _____________________ (to find) the book which I _______________ (to lose) in summer.
6. When father ________________ (to return) from work, we already _____________ (to do) our homework.
7. Kate ________________ (to give) me the book which she _____________ (to buy) the day before.
8. Nick ______________ (to show) the teacher the picture which he ______________ (to draw).
9. The boy _______________ (to give) the goats the grass which he ______________ (to bring) from the field.
10. When we _____________ (to come) to the station, the train _______________ (not to leave) yet.
Task 9.
Answer the following questions.
1. Who works on a bus?
2. Who works in a school?
3. Who writes books?
4. Who works in a hospital?
5. Who works in a restaurant?
6. Who works with the doctor?
7. Who repairs cars?

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