The () (CALIFORNIA) people we sce on television are (2) slim. But California is an (3) kinds of people live here. Lots of people are from (5) (EUROPE) families. California is the place to find (7) most (8) TOUR) visit Rodeo Drive (a place for shopping), but they don't want to buy clothes - they want to see American actors, actresses and film-makers. They live in big houses and go to (10) (GLAMOUR) parties and film and film premieres And California is the (I1) (ORIGIN) home of the hippies. There is a special hippie part of town where you can buy clothes and music from the 1960s. (USUAL) tall, blond and (NATION place and many (4)(DIFFER) 0 (JAPAN) and (6) (SUN) beaches and film stars. The (FAME) beach in California is Venice Beach. It's a lively place. Many (9).

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