№16 I. Откройте скобки, употребив глагол в правильной временной форме. Не (to sit) .___________________inside the bar for about half an hour when he (to find) _________ that a little girl (to stand) --------------------_ alongside him. «You (to know)_______________ that children under the age of sixteen (not to allow)_________________ in here? You (to see)_________________the notice on the door?» The girl (to shake)_________ her head. He (to think)_________that the assistant (to ask)_______her to leave the place. Instead, in a more kindly tone he said: «Is there anyone you (to look)____________for here? If you (to stay)_______outside for a while, I (to give)___________you a lift home». He didn't know why he (to make)____________that offer.

11 Мая 2021 в 19:43
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